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CCL Leuven

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Frank Van Eynde Frank Van Eynde - Head of the Centre

Who are we?

The Centre for Computational Linguistics (CCL) focuses on research in formal and computational linguistics, and its application in natural language processing. The main research topics are machine translation, computational syntax and semantics, formal linguistics, and semi-automated corpus building and annotation.

CCL is part of the research group Dutch, German and Computational Linguistics at the Faculty of Arts of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and its staff is teaching courses in Computational Linguistics, Formal Syntax and Semantics, Natural Language Processing, Language Engineering Applications, and Linguistic Theories and Artificial Intelligence in the Speech and Language Technologie Option of the Master of Artificial Intelligence program and in the Bachelor and Master in Linguistics.

CCL is a member of the research community CLIF (Computational Linguistics in Flanders), of the European Language and Speech network ELSNET, of FLARENET (Fostering Language Resources Network) and is the Flemish coordinator of CLARIN (Common Language Resouces and Technology Infrastructure).

Why did we join the EAMT?

CCL has been involved in several European or trans-national machine translation projects (Eurotra, Metal, Metis I & II, PaCo-MT) since 1982. As CCL is part of a linguistics department, it has always used linguistic knowledge in the development of MT systems. Whereas in the late 80's and 90's only linguistic knowledge was used, in the more recent projects hybrid approaches have been developed.

CCL has organized several MT related events, such as TMI '95, and a workshop on New Approaches to Machine Translation (2007). CCL has worked on MT for low resource languages (the Metis projects) and on Parse and Corpus-based MT reusing as much as possible existing NLP tools like parsers. Language pairs under focus are Dutch to English and Dutch to French and vice versa. CCL is mostly dependent on external funding and is therefore interested in cooperation with other partners to form consortia for project proposals for European or other funding.