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STAR Group

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Who are we?

STAR Group was founded in Switzerland 30 years ago and has always been focused on facilitating cross-cultural technical communication in all languages. The company has grown to be the largest privately held multilingual information technology and services company in the world, having 50 offices in 30 countries. STAR Group’s advanced technology has propelled it to its current market position. The STAR Group core services are information management, translation, localization, publishing, on-demand printing and consulting. The STAR Group core technologies are GRIPS (product information management), Transit (translation platform featuring Translation Memory), TermStar/WebTerm (terminology management), MindReader (authoring assistance), STAR WebCheck (online translation reviewing), STAR CLM (Corporate Language Management) and STAR CPM (Corporate Process Management).

Machine Translation (MT) and language processing

Our translation platform Transit offers a variety of secure and money-saving options for translators, post-editors, reviewers, project managers and organizations, allowing a variety of machine translation (MT) solutions to be integrated into their translation workflows and into their multilingual document supply chain.

With over 25 years of experience in language processing, STAR Group offers the perfect synergy of TM and MT technologies. In addition, Transit’s time-tested and intelligent data structure for reference materials provides significant added value as training material for MT engines. Transit supports the translator with MT-optimized fuzzy matches. Our MT ensures high productivity as well as high quality thanks to the specialized editor functions for efficient post-editing, version control and edit distance assessment.

STAR Moses, STAR Group’s MT system based on Moses, can be provided as a service or offered through a hosting service. Additionally, STAR Moses can be integrated into CLM workflows. For utmost efficiency, Transit supports generic interfaces with other MT systems for integrating your customers’ engines into workflows and translation projects.

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