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STAR offers custom solutions for your global product communication needs with tools and services in the areas of information management, technical documentation, translation, electronic publication, e-learning, and workflow automation. With more than 30 years of experience, STAR lets you make the most of your information in real-time, in any medium or technology, in any language, anytime, anywhere.

Machine Translation (MT) and language processing

STAR MT has been developed by the STAR Group on the basis of the statistical MT system Moses. With over 25 years of experience in language processing, STAR Group offers a synergy of Translation Memory (TM) and Machine Translation (MT) technologies.

Our TM platform Transit offers a variety of options for translators, post-editors, reviewers, project managers and organizations, allowing a variety of MT solutions to be integrated into their translation workflows and into their multilingual document supply chain. Transit's data structure for reference materials provides significant added value as training material for MT engines.

During the import of the project files, Transit sends segments that currently have no validated translation to the STAR MT engine and receives back translation suggestions. All relevant DTP, MS Office, XML, HTML, SGML, text, localization and subtitling formats are supported. In Transit, these suggestions are displayed additionally to fuzzy matches from the TM and the translator can validate them.

Ideally, STAR MT is used in conjunction with the Corporate Language Management STAR CLM. The two steps — sending segments without validated pre-translation to the STAR MT engine and post-editing the MT suggestions — can be seamlessly integrated into established workflow processes. Such workflows generate validated, quality-assured translations.

Before introducing STAR MT, STAR's three-phase proof of concept provides customers with conclusive statistics on the potential value that is based on customers "real-life" translation projects.

STAR MT Translate is a web application that allows accessing trained STAR MT engines. Individual sentences, entire paragraphs or documents (MS Office, PDF, etc) can be sent to STAR MT. Confidential company data stay in-house.

The STAR MT Translate API allows direct access to STAR MT via internet/intranet. In conjunction with Transit, the CLI (command line interface) allows to combine the speed of a machine translation with the validated quality of translation memory.

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