EAMT Annual Conference

EAMT Annual Conference

EAMT 2017

when: May 29-31, 2017
where: Prague, Czech Republic

The EAMT Executive Committee would like to invite you to the 2017 EAMT conference that will be held in Prague, Czech Republic, May 29–31, 2017. The event will be hosted by the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, in its computer science building located just underneath the Prague Castle.

Prague, the city of 100 spires, has a magical atmosphere with its cobbled streets, golden-tipped towers and hundreds of mystical legends. Over the years, it has become home to thousands of expats who enjoy living in a modern and open-minded society that welcomes and absorbs new cultures with ease. This wonderful combination makes the Czech capital a great venue for our next EAMT event!

We look forward to welcoming you in Prague at the end of May!

Past editions of the EAMT Annual Conference

EAMT 2016 May 30 - June 1, Riga, Latvia.

EAMT 2015 May 11-13, Antalya, Turkey.

EAMT 2014 June 16-18, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

EAMT 2012 May 28-30, Trento, Italy.

EAMT 2011 May 30-31, Leuven, Belgium.

EAMT 2010 May 27-28, Saint Raphaël, France

EAMT 2009 May 14-15, Barcelona, Spain.

EAMT 2008 September 22-23, Hamburg, Germany.

EAMT 2006 June 19-20, Oslo, Norway.

EAMT 2005 May 30-31, Budapest, Hungary.

EAMT 2004 April 26-27, Malta.

EAMT 2003 May 15-17, Dublin, Ireland.

EAMT 2002 November 14-15, Manchester, UK.

EAMT 2000 May 11-12, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

EAMT 1999 April 22-23, Prague, Czech Republic.

EAMT 1998 April 2-3, Geneva, Switzerland.

EAMT 1997 May 21-22, Copenhagen, Denmark.

EAMT 1996 August 29-30, Vienna, Austria.

EAMT 1994 September 14-16, Hildesheim, Germany.

EAMT 1993 April 26-28, Heidelberg, Germany.