MT Summit VIII

Workshop Papers

Workshop coordinator:
Harold Somers

Workshop on Example-Based Machine Translation

Organisers: Andrew Way and Michael Carl


Ralf D. Brown: Transfer-Rule Induction for Example-Based Translation   View PDF file (168 kb)

Michael Carl: Inducing Translation Grammars from Aligned Texts   View PDF file (201 kb)

Kevin McTait: Linguistic Knowledge and Complexity in an EBMT System Based on Translation Patterns   View PDF file (174 kb)

Arul Menezes & Steve Richardson: A best-first alignment algorithm for automatic extraction of transfer mappings from bilingual corpora   View PDF file (73 kb)

Davide Turcato & Fred Popowich: What is Example-Based Machine Translation?   View PDF file (73 kb)

Reinhard Schäler: Beyond Translation Memories   View PDF file (73 kb)

Harold Somers: EBMT Seen as Case-based Reasoning   View PDF file (190 kb)

Andy Way: Translating with Examples   View PDF file (272 kb)

MT2010: Towards a Roadmap for MT

Organiser: Steven Krauwer


Laurie Gerber: Working Toward Success in Machine Translation   View PDF file (39 kb)

Jörg Schütz: Blueprints for MT Evolution: Reflections on 'Elements of Style'   View PDF file (64 kb)

Christian Boitet: Four Technical and Organizational Keys to Handle More Languages and Improve Quality (on Demand) in MT   View PDF file (49 kb)

David Farwell & Stephen Helmreich: Towards Pragmatics-based Machine Translation   View PDF file (28 kb)

Franz Josef Och & Hermann Ney: What can Machine Translation learn from Speech Recognition?   View PDF file (62 kb)

Elliott Macklovitch & Antonio S. Valderrábanos: Rethinking Interaction: The Solution for High-quality MT?   View PDF file (10 kb)

Raymond S. Flournoy & Chris Callison-Burch: Secondary Benefits of Feedback and User Interaction in Machine Translation Tools   View DOC file (2635 kb)

Benjamin K. Tsou & Oi Yee Kwong: Evaluating Chinese-English Translation Systems for Personal Name Coverage   View PDF file (201 kb)

Katharina Probst, Ralf Brown, Jaime Carbonell, Alon Lavie, Lori Levin & Erik Peterson: Design and Implementation of Controlled Elicit ation for Machine Translation of Low-density Languages   View PDF file (91 kb)

Teaching machine translation

Organisers: Mikel Forcada and Derek Lewis

Editors: Mikel Forcada & Juan Antonio Pérez-Ortiz

Lorna Balkan: Exploiting the WWW for MT teaching   View PDF file (62 kb)

Dorothy Kenny & Andy Way:Teaching Machine Translation & Translation Technology: a Contrastive Study   View PDF file (57 kb)

Viviane Clavier & Céline Poudat: Teaching Machine Translation in non Computer Science Subjects: Report of an Educational Experience within the University of Orleans   View PDF file (57 kb)

Harold Somers: Three Perspectives on MT in the Classroom   View PDF file (85 kb)

Judith Belam: Transferable Skills in an MT Course   View PDF file (51 kb)

Federico Gaspari: Teaching Machine Translation to Trainee Translators: a Survey of their Knowledge and Opinions   View PDF file (128 kb)

Elia Yuste Rodrigo: Making MT Commonplace in Translation Training Curricula – Too Many Misconceptions, So Much Potential!   View PDF file (110 kb)

Etienne Blanc: An Interactive Hypertextual Environment for MT Training   View PDF file (261 kb)

Juan Antonio Pérez-Ortiz & Mikel L.Forcada: Discovering Machine Translation Strategies Beyond Word-for-Word Translation: a Laboratory Assignment   View PDF file (41 kb)

MT evaluation: who did what to whom
(Fourth ISLE workshop)

Organisers: Eduard Hovy, Maghi King, Sandra Manzi and Florence Reeder

Session 1  The ISLE taxonomy for MT Evaluation and its use

Andrei Popescu-Belis, Sandra Manzi & Maghi King: Towards a Two-stage Taxonomy for Machine Translation Evaluation   View PDF file (191 kb)

Elia Yuste-Rodrigo & Francine Braun-Chen: Comparative Evaluation of the Linguistic Output of MT Systems for Translation and Information Purposes   View PDF file (136 kb)

Keith J. Miller, Donna M. Gates, Nancy Underwood & Josemina Magdalen: Evaluating Machine Translation Output for an Unknown Source Language: Report of an ISLE-based Investigation   View PDF file (101 kb)

Michelle Vanni & Keith J. Miller: Scaling the ISLE Framework: Validating Tests of Machine Translation Quality for Multi-Dimensional Measurement   View PDF file (124 kb)

Session 2  Correlations between evaluation measures

Martin Rajman & Tony Hartley: Automatically Predicting MT Systems Rankings compatible with Fluency, Adequacy and Informativeness Scores   View PDF file (158 kb)

John White: Predicting Intelligibility from Fidelity in MT Evaluation   View PDF file (240 kb)

Session 3  Analytic measures of output quality, focusing on noun phrases

Palmira Marrafa & António Ribeiro: Quantitative Evaluation of Machine Translation Systems: Sentence Level   View PDF file (66 kb)

John White & Monika Forner: Predicting MT Fidelity from Noun-compound Handling   View PDF file (65 kb)

Widad Mustafa El Hadi, Ismail Timimi & Marianne Dabbadie: Setting a Methodology for Machine Translation Evaluation   View PDF file (101 kb)

Florence Reeder, Keith Miller, Jennifer Doyon & John White: The Naming of Things and the Confusion of Tongues: an MT Metric   View PDF file (82 kb)

Session 4  MT Evaluation in relation to other domains

Christine Bruckner & Mirko Plitt: Evaluating the Operational Benefit of Using Machine Translation Output as Translation Memory Input   View PDF file (32 kb)

Florence Reeder: In One Hundred Words or Less   View PDF file (82 kb)

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