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Four reasons why you should join the EAMT

1. Conferences and Workshops

Every two years, the IAMT organizes the MT Summit, a unique conference dedicated to the world of translation technology which alternates between Europe, the Americas, and Asia/Pacific. In 2005, the MT Summit was held in Phuket, Thailand, in 2007 in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2009 in Ottawa, Canada, in 2011 in Xiamen, China, in 2013 in Nice, France, and in 2015 in Miami, USA. In 2017 it will be in Nagoya, Japan.

The EAMT also organises an annual conference addressed to everyone interested in machine translation, translation-related tools and resources. EAMT members can attend EAMT- and IAMT-sponsored events at reduced rates.

Please visit the Events section here for more information on the above.

2. Expertise and networking

The EAMT is an excellent way to learn more about the practical aspects of MT. MT is still an imperfect technology and its members have a lot of collective wisdom to share about the use of MT in working environments. Through the EAMT, you may be able to reach people who have "been there before."

3. Funding of MT activities

As part of the EAMT's commitment to promote research, development and awareness about translation technologies, the EAMT periodically launches a call for proposals to fund MT-related activities organized by its members. A list with the proposals funded up to now is available.

4. Other benefits

EAMT members benefit from a special price (€115) in your personal subscription rate to the print edition of the Springer journal Machine Translation.

Membership fees
EAMT membership is reasonably priced:

  • Student: EUR 15
  • Individual: EUR 45
  • Nonprofit: EUR 130
  • Corporate: EUR 250

Middle-East/North Africa Members receive a discount on membership fee.

EAMT Statutes

From here, you can see the EAMT articles of association.