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Abby Levenberg, EAMT Best Thesis Awardee 2011

Eight eligible PhD theses were received for the 2011 edition of the Best Thesis Award, all of an outstanding quality. A committee consisting of 12 members of the EAMT coordinated by EAMT Executive Committee members Marcello Federico and Mikel L. Forcada (Secretary) judged the dissertations according to three criteria: relevance, impact, and challenge of the problem. After careful deliberation, the jury selected the thesis Stream-based Statistical Machine Translation, by Abby Levenberg (completed under the supervision of Dr. Miles Osborne at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland) as EAMT Best Thesis 2011.

Dr. Abby Levenberg will receive a prize of €500 and an additional €200 bursary so that he can present a summary of his thesis at the Annual Conference of the EAMT (EAMT-2012) which will take place in Trento, Italy, on May 28-30, 2011.