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New Site!

As you may just have noticed, we have just unvieled a brand new website for the EAMT. We hope you like the new design which endeavours to bring you relevant information from the MT community in a modern, aesthetically pleasing manner.

The site contains many new features including:

  • Constant, up-to-date news brought to you by the ever-present news bar on the right
  • News available as you like it via RSS feeds
  • At least weekly updates in the form of the Mt-list digest
  • New top menu bar in some sections (look up!) providing improved browsing experience
  • Up-to-date links to all MT R&D groups in Europe
  • Secure online payment for new/renewing membership
  • State-of-the-art spam prevention for those of you whose email address are available via the site
  • Fully accessible features
  • Much much more!

Browse around at your leisure and contact the webmaster with any complaints, suggestions, praise etc. if you so desire.