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MT Summit XII takes place

The 12th MT Summit conference took place in the Chateau Laurier, Ottawa, Canada from August 26-31, 2009 and was considered by all to be a very interesting meeting. There were three parallel sessions: Research, Governments Users and Commerical Users, which presented an interesting insight on the current state of play from some different perspectives.

To summarise proceedings, all user studies showed that MT improved either quality, throughput, or both. The only difference was by how much (from 5-15% in some cases, to 150% in others). At the same time, MT developers (NRC Canada, Edinburgh etc.) were working on MT with and for users. It has become clear, then, that MT has matured enough to be effective for translators, and as was mentioned by many speakers, it will be used soon by translators. By the next Summit, it is expected that many more instances of such successful experiments will be demonstrated! It is no longer a question of whether MT will be useful – that question has been well and truly answered.